Sydney Netball Academy

Abigail Smith	(Northern Suburbs) 	
Akaysha Waihi	(Liverpool City) 	
Alice Hughes	(Inner Western Suburbs) 	
Amy Oaten	(Hills District)	
Ashlen Morelli	(Northern Suburbs) 	
Bella Lieberman (Manly Warringah) 	
Bianca Raffin	(Manly Warringah)	
Brianna Smith	(Sutherland Shire)	
Charlie Hawkins (Randwick) 	
Chloe Hatvany	(Manly Warringah)	
Darcy Blades	(Sutherland Shire) 	
Ella Monk	(Northern Suburbs)	
Ella Pratt	(Hills District) 	
Eloise Bingham	(Hills District)	
Eloise Egan	(Eastwood Ryde) 	
Eugenie Little	(Manly Warringah)	
Francesca Gunn	(Ku-ring-gai)	
Frederika Schneideman	(Randwick)	
Gabriella Taylor	(Manly Warringah)
Georgia Grey	(Manly Warringah)	
Grace Fielding	(Northern Suburbs)	
Hannah Grice	(Manly Warringah)	
Hannah Thonell	vKu-ring-gai)
Isabella Matis 	(Randwick)	
Jasmine Lagerlow	(Sutherland Shire)	
Jessica Boatwright	(Hills District)	
Jessica Conway	(Hills District)	
Jewel Goggins	(Eastwood Ryde)	
Katie Williams	(Northern Suburbs)	
Leah Howarth	(Randwick)	
Lily Harrop	(Manly Warringah)	
Macy Peni	(Eastwood Ryde)
Maraea Moeke	(St George District)	
Mataiya Rossiter (Sutherland Shire)	
Mia Johnson	(Ku-ring-gai)
Molly Murray	(Manly Warringah)	
Monika ‘Otai	(St George District)	
Olivia Inkster	(Manly Warringah)	
Opal Bird	(Manly Warringah)	
Paige Etherington	(Manly Warringah)	
Paige Heussner	(Randwick)	
Sofia Ratcliff	(Manly Warringah)
Sophie McLachlan	(Inner Western Suburb)	
Tahlia Robertson	(Sutherland Shire)	
Tameeka Johnson	(Randwick)	
Wanita Leatherby	(Manly Warringah)	
Whitney Mueller	(Northern Suburbs)	
Yasmeen Janschek	(Randwick)

Cameron Dalton	Northern Suburbs 
Charlotte Versace	Northern Suburbs
Chloe Prideaux	Bankstown City
Eva West	Manly Warringah
Makayla Melfi	St George District
Marina Knijnik	Sutherland Shire
Ruby Butler	Northern Suburbs
Taylor Lamont	Randwick 

Athletes who are turning 14 to 16 years of age in the program year are eligible to apply to their relevant academy.

To establish if you are eligible to apply for the Sydney Netball Academy, follow this link: Sydney Netball Academy – Council Areas

For a list of all Regional Academies and their catchment areas, follow this link: Regional Academies of Sport – Council Areas

Please note: The Trial Period for the 2020 Program has now closed.

In 2020 Sydney Netball Academy will also include an Umpire Program.

For more information on the Sydney Netball Academy Umpire Program, CLICK HERE.

For more information on the Sydney Netball Academy, please contact Eliza Nelson, Competitions & Pathways Coordinator –

Emma Burgess	Sutherland Shire - Umpire Coach 
Hayley Burgess	Sutherland Shire - Umpire Coach
James Mulcare	Baulkham Hills Shire - Coach
Keira Nightingale	Randwick- Coach
Sarah Bowen	Illawarra District - Coach
Samantha Scholte	Camden & District - Manager 
Stephanie Harrison	Camden & District - Coach
Tamara Welsford	Penrith District	Umpire - Coach 
Tayla Favell	Baulkham Hills Shire	Umpire - Coach