Umpire Pathways Programs

Netball Australia High Performance Pathway

Bronwen Adams - Manly Warringah
Tara Warner - Northern Suburbs
Tamara Welsford - Penrith District
Tayla Favell - Baulkham Hills Shire

Jordan Kiss - Gosford
Shauna Winchester - Ku Ring Gai
Sarah McNamara - Liverpool City
Jessica Sherman - Manly Warringah

A Badged Umpire Group 2022

Focus on the continued development of the all A Badged On Court umpires within NSW Metro Area by enabling them to undertake coaching and development activities under the guidance of the NNSW Umpire Coach & Allocations Panels.
The program aligns to the NNSW Premier League & Metro League competition.

Selection: All Current On Court NSW Metro based A Badged Umpires 

Kiri Bowcock - Baulkham Hills Shire
Emma Burgess - Sutherland Shire
Hayley Burgess - Sutherland Shire
Kim Chan - Ku Ring Gai
Jessica Clay - Ku Ring gai
Alexandra Fahy - Baulkham Hills Shire
Tayla Favell - Baulkham Hills Shire
Kirsten Gossip - Hills District
Chris Hall - Inner Western Suburbs
Laura Hay - Sutherland Shire
Sarah Hay - Sutherland Shire
Natalie Jukic - Eastwood Ryde
Jordan Kiss - Gosford
Sarah McNamara - Liverpool City
Haydn Mackay - Manly Warringah
Kylie Mulcare - Baulkham Hills Shire
Mark Munnich - Northern Suburbs
Monique O'Callaghan - Baulkham Hills Shire
Michael Rudd - Orange
Jess Sherman - Manly Warringah
Anton Stechiwskyj - Sutherland Shire
Michelle Thomas - Blue Mountains
Sarah Toan - Penrith District
Renee Turner - Campbelltown District
Thomas Turner - Campbelltown District
Zoe Turner - Liverpool City
Liana Walsh - Baulkham Hills Shire
Tamara Welsford -   Penrith District
Shauna Winchester - Ku Ring Gai

State Emerging Talent Umpire Group

Purpose: provide a series of motivating and challenging development opportunities to support the umpires to take the next step in NSW / Netball Australia pathway.  Umpires will be exposed to excellence in the technical aspects of umpiring.  It is expected that the umpires will have a strong commitment to develop technically and a desire to increase their understanding of emerging talent behaviours.

Selection: Recognised by Netball NSW Umpire workforce through NNSW Competition(s) or Programs who display significant potential, a strong work ethic and determination to succeed.
This program aligns to the NNSW Emerging Talent Squad & Regional Emerging Talent Squad under the guidance of dedicated mentors.

Kiri Bowcock - Baulkham Hills Shire
Zoe Turner - Liverpool City

Targeted Umpire Group

Purpose: Focus on the development of a targeted group of National B badged umpires within NSW by enabling them to undertake development sessions and identified training activities for progression towards A badging under the guidance of the NNSW Umpire Coach and dedicated mentors.

The program aligns to the NNSW Dooley’s Metro League competition and Heart Kids Cup.

Selection: based on performance from 2021, taking into consideration the commitment an umpire has shown to attending additional courses/events and potential for A testing. 

Nicole Davis - Ku Ring gai
Ben Hole - Lakeside
Shelley Hutchinson - Dubbo
Nikki KundrusLittle - Northern Suburbs
Crystal Mai - Northern Suburbs
Stacey Mawby - Nambucca Valley

Developing Umpire Group

Purpose: Encourage the retention of developing umpires, build a group of similar aged umpires as a support group and provide further education to extend their knowledge and specialised coaching from Netball NSW workforce. These umpires are not required to umpire Metro League.

Selection: umpires aged 17-22 years old in the year of the program, recommended by Netball NSW umpire workforce through viewing at competitions or programs who show potential to reach a higher level.

Abyssina Abaddi - Parramatta Auburn
Zoe Antoniou - Sutherland Shire
Stephanie Backhouse - Northern Suburbs
Ella Baensch - Baulkham Hills Shire
Olivia Brennan - Baulkham Hills Shire
Roisin Bryce-Stark - Sutherland Shire
Kimberley Clement - Maitland
Claudia Coffey - Northern Suburbs
Jade Cruickshank - Manly Warringah
Harmony Durand - Sutherland Shire
Kayleen Falconer - Manly Warringah
Vanessa Giardina - Inner Western Suburbs
Emily Hatfield - Manly Warringah
Chanel Joseph - Parramatta Auburn
Taylor Lamont - Randwick
Keira Maloney - Baulkham Hills Shire
Makayla Melfi - St George District
Ashlea Morris - Hills District
Ashley Myo - Blacktown City
Rachel Pope - Camden & District
Chloe Prideaux - Bankstown City
Alexandra Smiles - Inner Western Suburbs
Chloe Thomson - Sutherland Shire
Sophie Vaughan - Eastwood Ryde
Jack Vimpany - St George District
Kath Vo - Northern Suburbs
Chloe Walker - Randwick
Chelsea Webb - Cessnock & District
Rachel Wynen - Sutherland Shire

1931 - Anne Clark
1932 - Dorothy Cunningham
1935 - Maisie Mudie
1939 - Anne Schilling
1946 - B Cooper
1948 - Jean Wisneski
1951 - Cynthia Pearce
1957 - Dorothy McHugh
1957 - Pat Weston
1958 - Margaret Morris
1966 - Neita Matthews
1974 - Adele Saunders
1977 - Maureen O'Connor (Boyle)
1978 - Robyn Belcher
1978 - June Davis
1980 - Lynn Prowse
1985 - Dianne Herron
1988 - Helen Bowles
1989 - Fran Turnbull
1989 - Carol Phillips
1990 - Maureen Stephenson
1991 - Donna Davey
1991 - Ronda Kimble
1991 - Beverley Bonomi
1992 - Kevin Smith
1993 - Louise McMeeking
1994 - Willma Austin (Cross)
1994 - Melissa Burgess (Adams)
1994 - Sharon Burge (Kelly)
1995 - Donna Clarke
1996 - Debra Farrelly
1997 - Siobhan Murray (Aldridge)
1998 - Sue Floro
2000 - Clare McCabe
2004 - Kylie Cheetham
2006 - Rachael Ayre
2007 - Collette Brennan
2007 - Helen George
2010 - Jemma Carlton (Cook)
2011 - Tara Warner
2013 - Courtney Harrington (Peros)
2014 - Bronwen Adams
2016 - Emma Davey (Donaldson)