Netball NSW is excited to announce that the Schools Cup will be returning in 2022! The competition will run with COVID safe protocols in place in order to ensure the safety of all participants!

The Schools Cup Competition was introduced to help give students the opportunity to participate in local gala days either in a competitive or non-competitive stream. This way there is a game for everyone and anyone can get involved. This is a great chance for students with lots of netball experience, as well as those with limited experience but who want to give it a go, to register for a local day and get a chance to have some fun with their peers!

Netball NSW is committed to ensuring the safety of all involved with Schools Cup and to ensure this, we will be constantly monitoring all health advice provided by the NSW Government and adopting increased cleaning and social distancing measures as required. For further information check out our FAQs at the bottom of this page. 

How the Schools Cup works

Local Day: Schools compete in round robin carnivals in their local area 

Regional Final: Winning teams from Local Days come together to battle out for the title of Regional Champions 

State Final: Successful teams from each Regional Final advance to the Schools Cup State Final, at Genea Netball Centre in Sydney Olympic Park 

Netball NSW Schools Cup in 2022

We invite schools to enter teams in the following age divisions:

Primary Divisions:
Years 3/4 Mixed* (non-competitive only)
Years 5/6 Mixed* (competitive or non-competitive)

Secondary Divisions:
Years 7/8 Girls (competitive or non-competitive)
Years 7/8 Boys (competitive or non-competitive)
Years 9/10 Girls (competitive or non-competitive)
Years 9/10 Boys (competitive or non-competitive)

Competition: Scores will be kept and placings will be recorded. Teams will have the opportunity to progress through to Phase 2 and 3 based on their placings.

Non-competitive: Created for beginner and social groups, teams will play a series of round robin games where the emphasis is on fun and fitness, not results.  Teams participating in this division do not progress to Phase 2. Scores will be kept, however ladder placings are not recorded.

*Note: For the Primary category, teams can consist of all girls, all boys or a combination of both, and will play against each other in the same division. There is no girl:boy ratio required for mixed teams.

The 2022 Schools Cup State Final will be held on Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 November 2022 at Netball Central, Sydney Olympic Park.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Local Days held?
Local Days are hosted at Association Netball Courts

What is the maximum number of players per team?
The maximum number is 12 players nominated for a team.

Is there a male/female ratio in the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Mixed divisions?
There is no recommended ratio in this age group. Mixed netball team guidelines only commence from 13+ years.

What is the cost for the event?
The Schools Cup entry fee is a flat rate $40.00 per team

Fees for All Abilities Days are:
Individual Registration: $6.00 per student
Team Registration: $30.00 per team (up to 10 participants per team)
The individual costs will be capped at $30. For example, if between six and ten participants come then the cost will remain at $30.

The fees contributes to competition costs including covering insurance, court hire fees, First Aid and administration and staffing for the event. The fee is a one-off irrespective of how far a team progresses in the competition.

How do schools pay for team entries?
Netball NSW will invoice schools following the event.

Can a school pay cash on the day?
No. Netball NSW does not handle cash at Schools Cup events.

How do schools know if registration/s have been received?
When your online registration submission has been successful a short thank you for your registration message will appear on your screen and you will receive an auto-reply confirmation email. If you have not received this – we do not have your team entries. You will need to resubmit or contact the relevant staff member for your region.

What if schools need to add teams, change, or withdraw registration?
Simply reply to the confirmation email you have received with the details of what action is required.

Do schools need to enter a Purchase Order (PO) number?
You can leave that field blank if your internal school system does not require a pre-approved Purchase Order number.

Is there any other information schools will need to provide before the competition?
Netball NSW will require a team registration form to be completed, which includes photo consent and any medical information. The team registration form can be completed online and it is compulsory that the form is submitted prior to the event to ensure participants are covered by Netball NSW insurance.


How does Netball NSW schedule the draw?
For Schools Cup Local Days (Phase 1), previous year results are not considered when creating a draw.

What if our school cannot find an umpire for our team?
For Phase 1 and 2 of Schools Cup, teams must provide an umpire. For Phase 1 it is expected that the umpires nominated have completed the Rules of Netball Theory exam online ($10.48) and are confident in keeping a netball game under control. Phase 2 umpires are recommended to have a minimum National C Badge.

Have you checked with parents of the students, senior students or other teachers or called your local Association (or the Association that is hosting the event)?

When do schools receive the draw?
A final draw will be sent to the main schools contact at least one day before the event to allow for last minute changes.

What do schools need to bring on the day?
-School teams will need to supply their own patches/bibs and a netball (Netball NSW will not bring spares)
-Umpires will need to bring their own whistle (Netball NSW do not bring spare whistles)
-Approved sideline items can be viewed below
-Schools who need shade or cover will need to bring their own marquees and ensure they are weighted or pegged down to be safe

Is a Risk Assessment completed on the day?
Netball NSW completes a Risk Assessment the morning of each event prior to start of play. The Risk Assessment is completed using a Willis Match Day Checklist to ensure the venue is of satisfactory standards. If schools find any issues throughout the event, this needs to be reported to event control.


What happens if it rains?
Netball NSW will monitor the weather forecast and will postpone by 2pm the day before the event if the forecast predicts a high chance of rain.
In the case that the event is not postponed the day before, the courts and weather conditions shall be inspected by Netball NSW Staff one hour and thirty minutes prior to the commencement of round one. A decision will be made as per the Netball NSW Adverse Weather Conditions Policy. In the case of unsuitable playing conditions all schools will be contacted no later than one hour before the commencement of round one advising of the postponement of the day. Schools will be contacted with a rescheduled date.

Schools Cup will be returning a little differently. In order to ensure participant safety, all current health advice from NSW Government will be followed. Netball NSW will be constantly monitoring the situation and adopting all advice and protocols as advised by the NSW Government and NSW Health as they are announced. 
Cleaning will take place throughout the day and between games whilst teams will have their own designated holding space. If required, caps on team numbers allowed will be introduced in line with any government restrictions. 
For further information please contact our schools team at